Our Story

I had just graduated from college (Dartmouth, '71) when my parents hired me to build an addition onto their home. Having no experience with such a project, I was surprised to learn that I enjoyed the physical and intellectual balance that carpentry work demanded. Soon one house led to another...

With houses came kitchens, often custom. Again, I found that I liked dealing with the myriad of details that define a kitchen. I had found my niche as a small custom cabinetry shop.

Today, I spend half of my energy mastering the craft of woodworking, finishing and installing. The other half goes into being a responsible business person, being fair to my help and to my clients, and taking seriously every obligation and commitment I have with each project.

I do only custom work. My primary income is custom kitchen cabinetry, often with custom finishes, an art unto itself. Every project is different, every day is different, every client is different, and it makes life interesting and enjoyable.

For experience, I have over forty large projects in the Hamptons on Long Island, at least thirty projects in Dutchess County, New York, and the greater Boston area, and many kitchens that overlook Squam Lake here in New Hampshire. The majority of these projects have involved architects and general contractors, often a source of repeat business.

I have a wonderful wife, Nina, a son, Reid, and a daughter Erica Rose. We ski and hike (this is New Hampshire after all) and I am often out biking, playing tennis or paddling my wooden canoe.

I have been a full-time cabinetmaker since 1978. I am proud of my accomplishments and look forward to new challenges.

Best regards,