Steepleview Cabinetry specializes in creating custom kitchens, but we also build bespoke furniture, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers, and more. We offer tailored storage and shelving, libraries, and specialty finishing. We also offer delivery and installation services.


The kitchen is the most complex and personal room in the house. It must perform many important tasks in a way which is both functional and aesthetic. As a custom designer and fabricator, my first priority is to understand each client’s personal needs. I will need to ask questions: How do they like to cook? Will they cook for just the family, small gatherings or for larger groups? Do they bake? What are the site limitations? Do they like an open floor plan or one which separates the kitchen within the house? What details suit both the personal tastes of the client and that of the house itself?

Custom work starts with this basic understanding to develop an integrated and beautiful kitchen which performs many tasks in fluid and dynamic way. The essential areas for cooking, cleaning and food preparation must be provided. These areas must have durable surfaces and be well lit. There must be functional access to appliances, large and small, and adequate storage for food, utensils, pots, pans, trays, dishes and glasses. Rubbish and recycling requirements must be addressed. A good design drawing melds these tasks into a configuration which is truly functional and provides the detailing which will add style, beauty and grace.

As a custom fabricator, it is imperative to use the best hardware and materials, to consider the most aesthetic grain and color patterns of the wood and to be accurate and precise during the fabrication, finishing, delivery and installation processes. My goal is to provide the highest quality and longest lasting kitchen possible.


Custom furniture is a niche market. A client will request a furniture piece if they are not able to find what they want on the market. Often, there are special requirements in terms of size, configuration, material and finish. Consultation with the client will lead to drawings and, in some cases, a small scale model of the project. The one-of-a-kind aspect of fine furniture makes for a rewarding and involving woodworking project.


Bathroom vanities typically have a concise function: to house a sink. Within this function, however, there are many considerations.

  • How high should the sink be?
  • How many sinks should there be?
  • What are the spatial considerations and limitations?
  • What are storage requirements?
  • Do you want drawers or pull-outs?
  • Must there be a medicine cabinet and/or mirrors?
  • What kind of lighting is necessary?
  • What about the materials and finish?
  • What details fit the bathroom?

All these and other questions must be answered before the cabinetmaker can begin.

Entertainment Centers

Audio and visual systems have many special requirements. The equipment must be housed in such a way as to allow for wiring, access to wiring, as well as heat distribution and venting. Flat screen TVs come in many different sizes and may require articulating arms. There are storage needs for DVDs, CDs, remotes and other items. In many cases, pocket doors hide the equipment in a space saving manner. All these functions must be performed in an efficient and visually pleasing way. It can be a challenge for any cabinetmaker!

Shelving Units and Libraries

It is easy to underestimate the importance of storage within any house. Every household has its individual needs. Books, plates, pictures and vases, among other items, can look great on wall shelving. Other storage for games, placemats and utility items may best be stored behind doors. The custom cabinetmaker must work with the client to determine the configuration and detailing to provide storage in an efficient and aesthetic way.

Specialty Finishing

Finishing is an art unto itself. The spatial requirements for finishing within the shop are stringent and demanding. The professional has a keen knowledge of the equipment used for the application process and the skill to use it properly. There are many material options and techniques for both staining and painting. Samples must be provided such that the client knows, in advance, what to expect and that the cabinetmaker has a working technique for confidently reproducing it. It is demanding and exacting work, but the importance of a high quality finish can not be overstated!

Delivery and Installation

Steepleview Cabinetry prides itself in having control of the entire cabinetry process. Beyond the “in shop” fabrication and finishing, the delivery and installation results in the final product. Care must be taken to properly pack and protect the cabinetry during the delivery. The installation requires proper layout work, cutting and fitting. The technique known as “scribing” makes plumb, level and flat planed cabinetry fit an irregular wall, ceiling and floor. The work must be performed in a tidy and efficient manner. The cabinetmaker must work with the general contractor to meet the installation schedule and other specific requirements, which often include plumbing, electrical, venting and heating issues. Any and all insurance requirements must be up to date. All this may sound daunting, but for both me and the client, the transformation of a “blank” space into one with form, function and beauty within a relatively brief time span is incredibly rewarding work.